Access control

In a world where digital systems have becomes the norm, yout security must also go digital. SYNERGY provides you doors with biometric locks accessible by  fingerprints,  special codes, facial recognition, badges, etc. These tools allow you not only to restrict access to certain areas that are of particular interest to you, but also to control and monitor presence on a given site

Fire safety system

We can provide your company building or personal building with a fire system. Our systems have various function that include the instantaneous detection of any fire

Video surveillance

The building of a company can often be a target for burglary. Therefore, continuous monitoring can serve as a risk management measure. We provide you with a complete video surveillance solution, enabling you to keep an eye on your areas of interest Our solution is customized to your needs, with the ability to monitor buildings and sites off-site on your smartphones, tablets and laptops

Maintenace and deployment of pylones
SYNERGY builds fully equiped sites and provides the necessary support systems in order to achieve the finest telecommunications operation without interruption.
  • Site creation
  • Pylns 
  • Shelters
  • Building systems
  • Energy Workshops
  • Supply and insatallation of Optical Fiber
  • Supply and installation of backbone
  • Renewable energy (solar, wind)
  • Lightweight GSM site (low cost sites, mobile sites)
Energy and air conditionning

A pleasant surronding contributes greatly to your weel-being and your productivity Therefore, we offer the following solutions :

  • Supply of air-conditioning equipement
  • Design and installation of industrial and domestic air conditioning systems
  • Maintenance of split and air conditioners