Besides the different solutions we offer, we also provide a range of services. One of these services is the technical advice and training opportinuties we offer. Furthermore, we monitor and maintain our solutions. This way you are assured that our products remain relevant in the future.


Our advice is always based on a professional analysis of the core business, its market and the added value of your company. This enables us to propose the optimal solution for the technical and commercial objectives of your company.


We offer training in information and communication technology, energy, web engineering, site creation and security technology. Depending on your needs and wishes, the level of the training can be adjusted. If you have any further questions, please  cont​act us .


A temporary solution is not a real solution.SYNERGY monitors and maintains the solutions we deployed, as part of our service. Regular audits of operational aspects are performed in order to adjust the solution to new developments or mimitations. In addition, we follow the technology trends and the development of new products and applications. This allows us to offer updates for our solutions to the fullest benefit of our clients.

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